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Just what is the web stuff all about anyway?

The internet and more so the web has changed our lives forever. Nobody could have, 10 years ago, predicted the highly interconnected social web that has been created today. The web of 10 years ago was for the geek. Their vision for the future was an Internet Refrigerator that was aware of your shopping requirements and would order you groceries automatically. Such autonomous, non-personal, applications have failed to happen. Instead, the web has connected and socialised, the reverse of geekiness. Now the web is social life. It is how we arrange to meet friends rather than an excuse for not having any.

I recently came across a youtube video that neatly explains just what the web is and how it has been evolving. Hope you enjoy.

Social media tag cloud. Image by DavidErickson under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic