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10 things you should twitter about more often

I’ve ready many websites spouting about how to use Twitter to improve your business. They often give varying advice or dubious quality. Truly few people really know the key to Twitter success. The authors of Twitter themselves are dumbfounded about how the site has become popular. They did not think their Twitter creation had any merit but yet it does seem to work. So recently one of my following posts a link to a joke about what not to post on Twitter. It had a list of 10 things that it said you should not tweet. I thought about it and decided that actually some of them (most of them) were wrong. So here we have 10 things to tweet more often.

1. What your eating

Many people say that you shouldn’t tweet what you eat. They say it’s boring and that nobody really cares. Actually, I hear that from people who don’t like Twitter most. It’s comparable to what people said about the TV show big brother – Whose so bored that they have to fill their day by watching a house full of 10 even more bored people do nothing for 4 weeks. Tweeting mundane things about your life is not of interest to anyone, so they say.

Well, I say they are wrong. Tweeting what you are eating is interesting to many people. The mundane aspects of what you are doing now are the foundation that Twitter was built upon. It is the very basis of the website. Hard-case Twitterers actually like to know the minutiae of their following’s day. It is what human life is about. Just think about the last time you went out for dinner with your friends. What did you talk about? Well, some of the time you talked about major social issues and breaking news, but allot of the time you talked menial things like what you cooked recently, the new T-shirt you bought and so on. It is what we usually talk about.

Now I’m not saying you should Twitter every mouthful, not even every meal, but don’t disregard the mundane aspects of your life. Not only food but other day-to-day things that you do or experience. Share a bit of your life with your Twitter followers. By mixing a small amount of normal everyday activity in with your big news stories you can create a more balanced Twitter feed. It makes you Twitters more human and less businessy. It makes you more believable. People will look at you and recognise aspects of themselves, aspects of a potential friend. This makes you followable and interesting. So do tweet what you eat.

2. Social Media tips

Right for this one, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. People who use Twitter are interested in new and better ways of using Twitter. So do tweet new tools and apps that could help them. However, don’t overdo it. There’s loads of Twitter apps out there and most of them a rather pall mall. If there is some tool that you use every day, tweet it, but don’t tweet some great new tool that you haven’t tried but like the sound of, because later when you find out it was actually duff, your followers will find out it is duff too and the reputation will stick on you. Make sure you are choosy about what to tweet here. Provide people only with links to tools and tips that you think are good.

The other danger is to assume that everyone on Twitter is here to make money. Actually their not. They are here to talk to their friends. If you want to Twitter about some new tool to help make money from Twitter – unless you are being financially rewarded for promoting the tool – don’t Twitter it to everyone. If you find it useful, tell the people you know will use it. Twittering about marketing to non-marketers is a sure-fire way to reduce your following.

3. The conference your at

Well, it is true that people who are not at the conference won’t get the context of your posts unless you are careful. However, if you are careful, and put your Twitterings in context, then those same people will like you for sharing the experience that they couldn’t get to themselves. Don’t Twitter to the other people in the conference. Instead pose yourself as a reporter, broadcasting the conference news to the general public. Write your tweets in such a way as the inform outsiders of the context. E.g. don’t Twitter “Dr Everyman gave a great talk at XXcon.” Instead, tweet “Interesting: Dr Everyman says, ‘Twitter is the future of internet communication.’ at XXcom.”

4. Twitter itself

Ditto social media tips. Don’t overdo it, but you are using Twitter, your followers are using Twitter, I’m using Twitter. We all like to get some advice about how to use Twitter better. Just make sure you Twitter good stuff and cut the crud off.

5. Your workout

We do want to know about your life and your day. Our health, or lack of, is a generally common topic to most friends conversations. Just listen to your wife/GF/mother on the phone tonight. She will almost certainly go through the health of each member of the family and report their status. People are interested in this. Especially your friends. Communicating your fitness habits makes you more human. To many Twitter streams read like a robot with no friends. Stand out from them. Remember that Twitter is a “social” media tool and that normal social behaviour for humans includes Twittering about your jogging, how you missed out on going to the gym today or how got a personal best time for 10 lengths of the pools when swimming.

6. Your kids, cat or dog

Are you a machine? Didn’t think so. You have a life outside of computers (I hope). Well if so, Twitter about it. Your true friends, your true followers, that’s those who actually read what you Twitter and send replies, are interested in your life. Tell them about you kids or dog or cat or whatever you have. Include people into your life via Twitter and they will be much more comfortable following you.

8. Daily booth photos

Erm well maybe or maybe not. This one really depends on what you look like. If you are a hot chick then taking pics of yourself and posting them probably is a good way to get followers. If you are like me, middle aged and fat, then probably don’t. However, do post pictures. Most of the big followed names on Twitter post pictures regularly. Not always of themselves but rather of where they are, what they are doing, and often what they are eating. The success of services, such as Twitpic, are entirely based on our desire to post photos of our life. You should do so too.

9. Emotional breakthroughs or issues

The trials and tribulations, as well as the successes in your life, are interesting. Proof of this is the avid popularity of TV soaps. Just like any soap opera, people are interested in following your story. They want to know how your life is going. Both the ups and the downs. It is through this process that you will find true friends online and fully experience the power of social media. If you think this shouldn’t be included in Twitter then you really haven’t understood Twitter.

And the ones I agree with the joke about:

7. Speaking out of context

If you post strange things without any context they have no meaning. Keep yourself grounded and remember the audience you are talking to and what they will know or not know about your life. Sometimes you will need to provide context and repeat contexts. Just because you tweeted the background three weeks ago doesn’t mean that we remember, understood, even read the tweet. So you sometimes have to repeat things so that we know what you are talking about.

10. The number of followers you have

We know how many followers you have. We can see it on your Twitter profile, you don’t need to tweet it as well.

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