iPhone 5 is no Ice Cream Sandwich

The long awaited iPhone 5 was recently put on show, however, in China, people have been already been buying their iPhone 5™. Here in China the iPhone 5™ is not a advanced mobile phone, but in fact a brand of ice cream. The iPhone 5™ ice cream has been heavily marketed across the country with adverts everywhere. This has in turn made the iPhone 5™ ice cream very popular throughout the summer months.

I managed to get my hands on one to try out. They come in two flavours, pear and orange. I wonder why pear not apple flavour? Outwardly the packaging shows a picture of a mobile phone similar to, but not actually, an iPhone. Inside is an ice cream on a stick. The iPhone 5™ ice cream is shaped like the apple in the apple logo, except without the signature bite out of the side. You have to make the bite mark yourself. Eating the iPhone 5™ ice cream is pleasant. It is not the best ice cream but good enough that I would buy it again.

The company who produce the ice cream, Deshi Group, have applied for the trademark for iPhone 5™ as a type of ice cream. We will have to wait an see if Apple try to fight that. Apple has already received a bloody nose in China over its trademark registration for other products. In the mean time,  “The ice cream is a bestselling product.” Gao Yuxin, head of the marketing center of Deshi Group.

One thought on “iPhone 5 is no Ice Cream Sandwich

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