Leaflets, Flyers and doorhangers

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4 Responses

  1. Zad Imam says:

    I think people aim to get 2-3% but in reality, like you said 0.5% is more likely. I agree about having a good call to action but keeping it simple!

  2. Would you like to …use mail shots that motivate? …use letters that will lead to sales? …use flyers that aren’t just forgotten?

  3. Once you have got together a design you’re happy with don’t forget to test your leaflet. It is recommended when conducting tests to use a reasonable sample size (at least 10,000 leaflets) otherwise the statistics you gain will be very difficult to analyse, or worse – probably meaningless. The best way to improve your leaflet, once you have something that works, is to conduct an “A-B” test using two different flyers to ascertain which one is the most effective. There are specific ways too conduct this type of test however if it is to be truly representative. The only way I would recommend doing this test is to systematically mix two equal numbers of Leaflets A with Leaflets B and distribute them to the same area on the same day (remembering to deliver to a reasonable sample size). As long as each distinct flyer has a separate reference number which is tracked when clients call (or some other way of easily distinguishing them) you will have enough information to know which leaflet is the most effective.

  4. Ivy M. Mckay says:

    The Rand monograph implies that this leaflet is ineffective since although some Americans might recognize one or two of the Afghan leaders from television and newspapers, it is doubtful that any Afghan peasants would recognize them. If the finders of the leaflets believed that the four men were just average Afghans, then depicting them as skulls on the back could imply that the U.S. intended to kill all Afghans. In addition, since Osama bin Laden was not a Taliban leader, his presence as an Arab foreigner would not be understood by the local Pashtuns. Americans understood exactly what this leaflet meant, but to Afghans it was probably quite confusing.