Webdesign: Above the fold

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  1. finding out how far people scroll down your page is very important – especially with long sales page and landing pages. In http://www.pagealizer.com we show scroll distance distribution so there is no need to guess if people see the whole page or just above the fold.

  2. Diane Morrow says:

    The term can be used more generally to refer to anything that is prominently displayed or of highest priority. Above the fold is sometimes used in web development to refer the portions of a webpage that are visible without scrolling.

  3. “Whilst it’s important to make sure your campaigns are engaging, I think we worry too much about getting all of our content in the preview pane area.” However, this is countered by Email Design Review, whose post, ‘ The Fold and Email ‘, states that the digital fold is unimportant – scrolling is easy, so we shouldn’t be applying antiquated print concepts to the web or email. Secondly, the ‘put everything above the fold’ mentality only encourages designers to cram content into a space that’s undefinably dimensioned – while the fold could be the first 600px of a design in a desktop email client, it’s usually much less than that in webmail and mobile clients.